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Rs 4th discussion - Essay Example

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The article critically discusses the problems that the then king, Henry the eighth was going through out of his inability to sire a son. The article states that it was inappropriate…
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Rs 4th discussion
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Review of Articles Henry VIII Act of Supremacy (1534) is one of the most common writings in the history of England. The article critically discusses the problems that the then king, Henry the eighth was going through out of his inability to sire a son. The article states that it was inappropriate for the king to divorce his first wife to marry another woman that would offer him a son. The fact that the king intended to divorce his first wife out of the sheer fact that she was old and not able to bear a son shows the amount of insensitivity that King Henry had. Moreover, this seeks to show that the king did not deeply love his wife for if he did, he would remain comfortable with the situation and not look for another woman (Ehler 127). However, it is appropriate to argue that the king really required to have a son for him to succeed him.
The Second article is one that discusses the arising of the protestant church. The article is very informative provided it offers an account of the people that are responsible for the uprising of this church. The article is also very effective from the manner in which it discusses the reasons why these founders of the church went against the beliefs and rules of the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, it offers an overview of what these founders deemed as predestination and offers a detailed summary of the difference between the predestination offered by their new movement and that of the Catholic Church.
Work Cited
Ehler, Sidney. Church and State through the Centuries. London: Oxford University Press, 2007. Print. Read More
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