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Henry VIII is often referred to as the monarch of England who despised the Roman Church but was only inclined towards the Protestant doctrine in a partial way during the years of his supremacy from 1530 to 1547. Until the end of his life, he called himself a Catholic but he went…
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Discuss on modern England history
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Discuss On Modern England History Henry VIII is often referred to as the monarch of England whodespised the Roman Church but was only inclined towards the Protestant doctrine in a partial way during the years of his supremacy from 1530 to 1547. Until the end of his life, he called himself a Catholic but he went against the Papacy of Rome and gave birth to the Church of England under his supremacy. Many people and court members of his time converted to Protestants but he remained Catholic for his entire life. Henry VIII is highly acknowledged when it comes to marrying women. In an endeavor to form a Protestant friendship with the princes of Germany, matrimony was arranged by Cromwell between Anne of Cleves and the king. But, unlikely this marriage came to an end and divorced Anne after a few months, as well as executed Cromwell. (Hobbs, 2000)
As like all the kings of England, Henry favored war alongside dancing and hunting. The first French campaign was prearranged by Wolsey in which Henry VIII proved himself to be an excellent minister. He defeated the Scots in 1513 at Flodden. Unfortunately, the war with French failed and a growing need towards a male successor was felt by Henry VIII. He wished to give divorce to Catherine (his former wife) because he only had a daughter from her. When he referred to the Pope for this issue, the permission was not given by him. Considering the history, he was rather interested in having a baby boy than being a love sick boy for Anne. He married Anne Boleyn in 1533 and had a daughter with her later on who was named Elizabeth. (BBC, 2012)
As a consequence of this act of Henry VIII, the Pope excluded him from the sacraments of Roman Church by clerical sentence. The Parliament of England affirmed the decision of Henry VIII to break with the Church of Rome. He replaced Wolsey with Thomas Cromwell and took the most powerful and dreadful step of firstly establishing the Church of England and secondly, becoming the head of England’s Church. He put an end to the monasteries and also pursued other reforms such as unifying Whales and England; and also created Exchequer and Council of North. It was not Anne Boleyn he was interested in; it was the desire to have a male inheritor for his kingdom. By passing time, Henry also got tired of Anne Boleyn as she wasn’t able to give him a male successor, and thus he executed her for sedition and adultery in 1536. Subsequently, he married Jane Seymour who was able to provide him with a male heir in 1537, but fate has something else for Henry VIII. He died just after his childbirth. (Bucholz, 2009)
Following the death of Henry VIII, many historians have compiled many volumes of works writing about his whole life and actions. There has never been a general agreement on the actions of Henry VIII in history in particular. Each time history is rewritten, a diverse perspective of Henry VIII is added to the topic (Gillaspie, 2008)
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