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According to Pericles, the government does not imitate other nations’ laws, but acts as an example to neighboring countries. Laws and regulations in the city have been administered…
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Equality before the law
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Equality before the law The of Athens believes in democracy for all citizens in promoting equal rights and freedom.According to Pericles, the government does not imitate other nations’ laws, but acts as an example to neighboring countries. Laws and regulations in the city have been administered fairly in order to eliminate practices of injustice (Thucydides and Woodruff 41). The city of Athens has been compared with Sparta where there is non-adherence to equality at the law.
Equality not in regard to birth, but excellence
Pericles claims that the adoption of democracy facilitates smooth running of state affairs, preventing discrimination and injustice. There are various instances when best men are not offered the opportunity to represent their nation, in a democratic way. However, Pericles states that people have adopted the system of office rotation in assuring democracy. As a result, democracy and equal representation of individuals play an imperative role in any government (Thucydides and Woodruff 41).
Individuals are offered freedom in order to exercise their rights in a nation that observes representation of the majority. According to Pericles, there must be equal representation of rights and freedom to citizens irrespective of cultural, economic, or social considerations (Thucydides and Woodruff 41). Therefore, people must follow rules and regulations to the letter in order to ensure democracy.
City of Athens
The city of Athens represents a nation that has put into consideration myriad political aspects such as democracy, observes individuals’ rights and freedom among others ( Tracy 56). According to the writings, happiness results from individuals being free to carry out any legal activity without infringing others rights and freedom. The city of Athens has a strong force that protects its citizens from external intrusions by neighboring enemies (Thucydides and Woodruff 41). The city of Athens has managed to, effectively; organize its government matters through the adoption of democratic processes.
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