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Roots of western culture (Democracy and Imperialism) - Essay Example

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The law protects rights and freedoms of all people through representation of the majority in leadership (Thucydides and Pericles 40). The city of…
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Roots of western culture (Democracy and Imperialism)
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Extract of sample "Roots of western culture (Democracy and Imperialism)"

Roots of western culture (Democracy and Imperialism) Equality before the law According to Pericles, a nation exercises equality and democracy through management by the majority rather than a few individuals. The law protects rights and freedoms of all people through representation of the majority in leadership (Thucydides and Pericles 40). The city of Athens observes equality at the law as compared to Sparta. As a result, Athenians are an example to the rest of the world through adherence of equality before the law.
Equality not in regard to birth, but excellence
Pericles states that the best men are not offered a chance to represent their nation in a democratic manner. On the contrast, Pericles claims that people use rotation of offices system in ensuring citizens participate in democracy (Williams 42). Therefore, equality and respect for the law is an important aspect in any nation as they ensure smooth running of government processes.
Citizens are presented with freedom to in exercising their rights in a democratic nation. As Pericles mentions, individuals have equal rights and freedoms despite their cultural background, birth or any other discriminatory factor. Athens is an example of a nation where citizens’ rights and freedom are put into consideration as compared to Sparta where there is no adherence to equality for the law (Thucydides and Pericles 41).
City of Athens
According to Pericles, the city of Athens enjoys a democratic and free state of government through equal representation of citizens in the government. Happiness has been attributed with individuals being free, and freedom is influenced by courage. The city of Athens represents a nation that is organized and effectively manages its internal affairs in a transparent and democratic way (Thucydides and Pericles 42). According to the writing, Athens has a well-organized force that protects its people from external attacks.
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