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Exam 3 - Essay Example

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The characterization of the Mao era and the post Mao era is based on the dynamism in the political, institutional, and social scenes during Mao’s regime and after Mao regime. Mao was a communist revolutionist and the Chairman of China between 1949 until his death in 1976. He…
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Exam 3
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Download file to see previous pages The population has risen exponentially and the economy has revolved into an industrial country. The political system has been changed into a democratic system that is governed by the people. However, the post Mao era has been characterized with some of the Mao era leadership tactics. In the West, the universal view is that, in spite of the drastic economic changes, China’s communist regime has remained unchanged. This essay is a discussion of the political changes and continuities in the post Mao era as compared to the Mao era.
In the 1980s, the political atmosphere became repressive and divided. There was an occasional relief after the Mao regime, but there was a return of the frigid Mao regime repression. The government was divided on political liberalization with some favouring political tolerance and others favouring repression to keep order and stability. In 1986, student unrest became imminent in China. They were advocating for improvement of living conditions, racial tensions, party state corruption, and the economic unfairness (Schoppa, 396). Party nepotism had spread over the campuses. They opposed the socialist government under the leadership of Fang Lizhi, a scientist. Police were sent to disrupt the movement of students camped around the city hall. Lizhi was expelled from the party and other liberal intellectuals were asked to resign. The mere opposition of the party led to their expulsion. This indicates the lack of democracy in the post Mao regime. The regime utilized the Mao era tactics to rule. Therefore, this was a continuation of the Mao regime in China.
Currently, the post Mao era has been characterized by dissident resistance movements. The movements are collective, organized, evocative and public. The resistance in the Mao era was different, since it was individual and non-public. The movements have led to an increase in pressure to the government, and thus leading to the release of most of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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