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The first was in the stamp act that aimed at increasing the taxes of the American colonialists in order to pay for the debts they had accumulated for the wars during the years. This was in addition to the other numerous Acts that it enforced almost during the same period without…
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Assignment three
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Areas of disagreement between the American colonists and the British policymakers The first wasin the stamp act that aimed at increasing the taxes of the American colonialists in order to pay for the debts they had accumulated for the wars during the years. This was in addition to the other numerous Acts that it enforced almost during the same period without any equal consultation between the policy makers and the American colonialists. This divided further the gap between these two groups of people (Knott 76).
The other area of disagreement is in the proclamation made in 1763 where the British policy makers made the declarations that all the land transactions that were to be made in the west area of the Appalachian crest would be handled by the British government and not the American colonists as it was the case. This brought about an infuriation from the colonists as well as the entrepreneurs and they started opposing the British policy makers whom they had embraced once and it also contributed to the revolution (McConville 116).
In addition, the British policy makers increased the payment of import taxes through an increase in the Townshed duties. Many Americans complained of the unfairness of this and criticized the move. They made their complaints openly in published letters and even open articles which angered the British and made them send troops to America to control the situation and try to calm people down. This led to an increase in political fervor, massacres in Boston as well as caused the beginning of the American Revolution through the violent actions as they revenged the attack by the British troops (Nash 187).
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