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The Health of Women in Japan - Research Paper Example

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Unique health conditions that women have such as pregnancy and processes that relate to their reproductive organs are some of the reasons for interest in women’s health. In addition, even…
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The Health of Women in Japan
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Extract of sample "The Health of Women in Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Incidence and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections also identifies higher risks and worse symptoms in women than in men (MedlinePlus 1). Consequently, human health is significant and should be investigated for populations and subopulations and results compared for decisions and initiatives that can help in improving women’s health. This paper discusses the health of women in Japan and argues that the sub population enjoys good health standard.
Sexuality is one of the major factors to health, and women’s health in particular. The fact that women are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases than men are, based on reports by MedlinePlus (1), therefore indicates significance of sexual behavior on women’s health. in japan, women have shunned down the use of contraceptives and this has direct implications on their health. The women prefer other birth control alternatives and condom use is the most significant, accounting for up to 80 percent of birth control initiatives while only 1.3 of the country’s women uses pills. This is far less that pill usage in the United States in which more that 15 percent of women uses pills. Use of pills however substitute condom usage and its implication of unprotected sex means exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, fewer of Japanese women are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases than women from other regions are and this suggest better women’s health in Japan. Effects of some sexually ransmitted diseases such as HIV are examples and are therefore minimized in Japanese women though use of condoms instead of pills as contraceptives. Decreasing trends in teenage pregnancies in the country as well as lower abortion rates in Japan also suggest increasing effective uses of the predominant birth control mechanisms, use of condom being predominant, and this indicate healthy sexual behavior towards better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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