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New Negro movement and renaissances was in effect a product of the African American mass movement from the south to the north in search of better opportunities to improve their lives. This migration started during the civil war era and continued even after leading to development…
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I dont have a topic, but I have the prompt. You can think out a topic from the prompt
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Download file to see previous pages Certainly, Negro movement was a result of the many critical events surrounding the African American experiences in U.S, including the slavery period, the Great exodus of Africans from the south in the Harlem Renaissance era and the later influences of the World War I African American soldiers
To help advance their goals, African Americans arriving in the north created or joined new social organization. For instance, the benevolent societies and black churches established in the north which offered support to new arrivals. In Chicago, Phyllis Wheately Home offered young women a safer stay while searching for job opportunities. The Chicago branch of national urban League which was established in 1916 offered similar help to all new comers from the south. Additionally, long established churches of Chicago eased the movement from the rural south to the urban north. For instance, Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the oldest in Chicago, grew its membership significantly as it received new black people from the south. Another church that notably supported the black transition is the Olivet Baptist church whose members are reported as meeting the new arrivals at the railway station carry their belongings and help them settle in their new homes. The above mentions organizations served primarily in helping new arrivals settle in the north (Pg 497-498).
Their arrival was not without its share of challenges both from the already established blacks and the whites. These problems ranged from struggles for resources due to the ever bulging population and even differences in lifestyle. For example, the new arrivals from the south were not readily accepted in the unions, particularly those affiliated to the American federation of labor. However, the most serious tension was that experienced between the whites and blacks, particularly on the housing issue. Here, the Chicago south population is said to have tripped, between 1910 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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