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While the revolution had left the political corridors in a state of disarray, Napoleon gave the society a more organized and unified outlook. Napoleon brought…
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Global civilization
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What were significant changes instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte and how did his rule change Europe permanently? Napoleon Bonaparte had an influence onthe political and social outlook of French society after the French Revolution. While the revolution had left the political corridors in a state of disarray, Napoleon gave the society a more organized and unified outlook. Napoleon brought about the spirit of nationalism in the French army that had been dejected previously in the form of loss in the Seven years War against the Great Britain. The nationalistic spirit ingrained by Napoleon Bonaparte led to an overall rise of revolt against the status quo forces of Europe. The legend of Napoleon came about in form of effective internal governance. Code of Napoleon and other associated functions were the gift of his works. Napoleon Bonaparte consolidated his power and in turn enforced the influence of France in the affairs of Europe. For next fifteen years Napoleon single handedly took upon the rest of the European states and created panic in their ranks.
Discuss the events leading to the fall of Tsar in Russia and Emergence of revolution and Rise of Lenin?
The Tsarist government and rule came to an end towards the later part of First World War. It was brought about by number of events. The disturbances and nerviness within could be felt from the middle of 19th century. The decay of the monarchy from within was another factor. The appearance of the likes of Rasputin did not help the cause and made it further worse. The elements of Rasputin only added controversy and scandal to the existence of the monarchy (Garrard & Newell, 2006, 180). The war with Japan did not go too well either. The Dumas established as an attempt to bring about reforms did not auger well for the Tsar.
In the light of these events, the commoners were dissatisfied and demanded a revolution. Vladimir Lenin was the pioneer of this entire movement and he organized the party of Bolsheviks in an effective manner to stage an upset and revolution.
Importance of Woodrow Wilson 14 points?
Woodrow Wilson was the first American President who aimed at breaking the American isolation from the global affairs. This came about in the form of the 14 points of Woodrow Wilson at the end of the First World War. Being an important global player, it aimed at imposing its influence and contributing towards the global peace. The 14 points were an effort towards restoration of the peace and avoiding of similar affair and account. Woodrow Wilson had aimed at bringing about an early end to the war that was causing direct damages to the humanity.
Although there were number of significant points in the 14 point agenda, yet the establishment of the League of Nations was one of the direct gifts of Woodrow Wilson’s ideas. League of Nation came about as the first of its kind as a global entity established towards global peace and cooperation. Demanding more effective participation from the global players was another important point of 14 point agenda. Stressing for a more democratic third world representation were few of the basic principles and ideas that summarize Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points. Unfortunately for the global peace, W. Wilson did not get the approval of Congress and in turn these 14 points could not be implemented in letter and spirit.
Garrard, J., & Newell, J. L. (2006). Scandals in Past and Contemporary Politics. Manchester University Press Read More
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