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An author of the present research paper "Not Just A War On Slavery: Discussing The American Civil War" seeks to reveal the background of the Americal Civil War with further discussion regarding the historical aspects of influence related to these events…
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Not Just A War On Slavery: Discussing The American Civil War
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Download file to see previous pages When Christopher Columbus found himself on dry land in 1492 he believed he had landed in Asia; of course he was in error. He had actually, of course, arrived on this North American continent and claimed it for Spain. He would make 4 voyages to and from the “New World;” including visiting South and Central American, as well as, the Caribbean Islands. Columbus’s stay in the Americas is remarked as cruel and chaotic. Native peoples were horribly mistreated and forced to provide gold to the Spaniards. If they did not they could have their hands severed. This “mismanagement” would result in Columbus’s arrest in1500. The most popular, but completely untrue, myth involving Columbus is that he, in fact, discovered America. This, according to modern historians is simply not true. It has been determined that it was very likely Leif Erikson, a Viking, and his ship that first landed on the continent that would eventually become the Untied States of America. Of course, Spain would not remain in control of these land, eventually 13 small British colonies would dot the shoreline. Most people know that the 13 original colonies that ran the eastern seashore would make a fateful decision to rebel against England and establish their own free country that would never answer to a monarchy. Many people believe that slavery was an issue of a much later time that is not true. Slavery was already a heated and controversial issue during the founding of this country and would remain so for decades. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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