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This was an initiative that was meant for the changing of the image of the European continent economically, politically and socially. This…
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Final paper about the Marshall Plan
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Download file to see previous pages This was after the Second World War. The major aim besides the rebuilding is that it targeted to avert the percolation of the Soviet Communism. It is important to highlight that this plan was employed from April 1948 for a span of four years (Nicolaus, 2008, pg 32).
This came into being after the European cities had underwent some serious destructions and even the individual families seriously affected. This was a serious incident and the trade in the continent was adversely affected. The people thereby lived in the refugee camps and got assistance from the United Nations Administration. This was consequently followed by food shortage which was experienced in the harsh seasons of winter. Various infrastructural facilities were attacked aerially while the sea vessels were sunken (John, and Nicholas, 2004, pg 42)
This was a speech that was given when the United States could not hold it any longer for the several unsuccessful mediations with the Soviet Union. This was by George Marshall who was the Secretary of the state at Harvard University. In the speech, he assured of the support from America in the making the economic status of the European states to grow through a gradual recovery system. In the speech, what came out so clearly is that Marshall believed that for the country to recover, grow and be economically stable, there has to high levels of cool political climate in the sense that a country has to be peaceful with no form of political violence that would stimulate high massive investments to flow into the economy (Robert, 2008, pg 71).
It is important to highlight that the negotiation with the Soviet Union was in January 1947.this was after Marshall was appointed into the office. The officials thereby had to make arrangements on how they could meet the Soviet Foreign minister. The move was aiming at the recovery of Germany for financial economic states. It is important to highlight that for the effective and efficient implementation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Paper about the Marshall Plan Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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