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It was one the unhappiest and greatest presidential papers of Abraham Lincoln but the happiest moment for the African American slaves. It was a relief to all…
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The Emancipation proclamation
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Download file to see previous pages The declaration settled the state’s aspect towards complete abolition of slavery. Although Lincoln, the President of the United States, gave the directives to release all the African American slaves, it was only the beginning of the end of slavery.
Slavery was taking place in all states, in the United States before the declaration. America by the dates of the Emancipation Proclamation was approaching its third year in the civil war. The declaration of freedom to all African American slaves had an instant and weighty effect on the progress of the war. The proclamation by President Lincoln had been carefully anticipated because he had proposed the idea to his cabinet several months before its announcement. The emancipation of Proclamation was a declaration to free all African American slaves, but it was unsuccessful, it was only the beginning of the end of slavery.
The declaration saved the Union since freeing the slaves, then became a certified war target because it gathered passionate responses from both the South and the North. The proclamation led to the ending of the civil war that was taking place. As a result of the proclamation, African Americans were allowed to join the Union’s armed forces that saw almost 200,000 African Americans joining to uprightly serve in the armed forces by the end of the civil war. As time progressed, the Whites put the African Americans through other forms of slavery. This is because the Emancipation Proclamation had been limited in several ways. The declaration only applied to the states that had withdrawn from the Union, leaving slavery intact and untouched in those states that were loyal. It also deliberately excused parts of the Union, which had come to be controlled by the North. The proclamation had been made, but it was so sad when it was realized that its validity depended on the military triumph of the Union (NA & RA 2014).
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