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The article explores the feeling, thoughts and ideas that were expressed by the Negroes and white people living in the southern states of United States of America. The article mainly…
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Slaves no more
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Overview This essay tries to explore the issues that surround the American Emancipation Declaration. The article explores the feeling, thoughts and ideas that were expressed by the Negroes and white people living in the southern states of United States of America. The article mainly dwells on the feelings expressed by the black people living in the United States during the time of the slave trade. The essay captures the confusion that persisted during the period of the American Emancipation Declaration which was supposed to end slavery in the United States of America (Woog 93). The feeling of the black and white communities in the Richmond area and in other southern states of the USA is captured by this essay (Guelzo 36). Moreover, the essay captures the confusion of the black people concerning their freedom. For instance, one black slave commented that they had celebrated the Emancipation about twelve times yet they still worked for the white folks. The essay explores the domination of the white people in the actions and thoughts of the black slaves in Richmond.
In this essay the author tries to argue that although the Negroes feel that they are free they still feel that this may not be true. The confusion created by the American Emancipation Declaration creates a panic for all residents in Richmond. For instance, a black nanny who was working for a white master is overjoyed with the Emancipation news. However, she is still afraid of her master and when she disobeys her master she is disciplined by her grandmother. In most instances, the author advances the argument that the Emancipation agreement brought about a feeling of freedom to blacks (Woog 88). Nevertheless, blacks in Richmond and other places such as Yorktown feel that they are not absolutely free. Fear still prevailed among the black community in Richmond and they only felt free when the American soldiers were around them. The author tries to bring out the irony brought about the freedom enjoyed by the blacks under the Emancipation Declaration. Even though, black people in Richmond felt free when the declaration was declared they felt insecure and confused after the Yankees left their town (McComb 54).
In my own view I think this essay tries to capture the first moments that occurred after the Emancipation Declaration followed by its implementation by the American forces then. Black slavery in the United States was savagery and thus it had to be ended by the government of the USA. The Emancipation Declaration in my own view gave blacks the strength and heart to fight enslavement (Sherman 102). However, the refusal by the white population in the United States led to the delay of racial integration. I think if the majority white population in the United States had accepted and implemented the Emancipation Declaration, racial integration would have been realized earlier. I also think that the white population in America and especially the southern states were not psychologically prepared to allow black people to enjoy freedom (Holzer 77). The white population in my own view thought that black were not equal to them and thus they did not deserve the same freedoms enjoyed by the white people.
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