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Discussion of Chinese women - Coursework Example

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From the early times, men are perceived as leaders and intellectuals. Birth of a boy is welcomed with celebrations, birth of a girl with condolences. Little attention is given to women…
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Discussion of Chinese women
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Extract of sample "Discussion of Chinese women"

Introduction Men have been considered as the most important family figure in China from early times. From the early times, men are perceived as leaders and intellectuals. Birth of a boy is welcomed with celebrations, birth of a girl with condolences. Little attention is given to women education, health and empowerment.. It is an expectation of the Chinese community for women to be submissive and loyal to men.
Issues the Chinese government has identified as of concern to women
There are a number of issues the Chinese government has found to be of concern to women. These issues include; education, health, birth control, economic empowerment, involvement in leadership among other issues. The Chinese government has identified the need to equip women with skills to engage in economic development and leadership.
The website explores the challenges faced by women in their efforts to be liberated. It clearly displays the role of education on involving women in development (Hinsch 97). Education gives women a chance to engagement in various professions such medical, journalism, teaching and many others. Educated women can be influence in ensuring justice for all. For instance, Shi Liang, a renowned lawyer and Chinese first justice minister in the 1930s pushed equal rights for both women and men. Going by history, leadership in China has assumed the aspect of masculinity. The cultural constructions limit the participation of women in leadership. Liberation of women from these cultural chains is an issue of concern. The few women who have been apportioned leadership responsibilities in government have display outstanding performances. This has raised an alarm for the government to rethink on women and leadership.
Communist Party’s efforts to deal with women’s issues to the larger world
The website display’s the communists’ party efforts to deal with women’s issues as aggressive. For instance, Women’s reproductive freedom remains abused under the china’s family planning regulation, heavy fines are imposed on those who go against the rule. In the traditional Chinese culture women had little or no priority in healthcare, healthcare was designed to focus on men. Despite the aggressiveness, the government has endorsed polices that give equal healthcare to men and women. Women receive scholarships to study medicine outside china. For example in the 1980s a batch of female Chinese students went to study in America. The communist government has raised employment of women in good paying labor force. Of the total working population, 43% is women. The increased participation of women in the labor force has increased the women contribution to family income.
Women form a considerably large portion of the total population. When issues such as gender disparities are correctively handled, women have the potential to bring a positive impact on economic development. The empowered women have shown their capability of bringing change in their area of occupation. The website as pictured women interest as integral factor for china’s development. It is therefore the government’s initiative to ensure inclusion of women in all spheres of development ranging from socio-cultural, economic and political aspect. Much has to be done to encourage women participation governance and politics.
Work cited:
Hinsch, Bret. Women in early imperial China. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield. 2002. Print. Read More
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