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It had its root causes in political, social, economic and ideological backgrounds. The road towards First World War was in making since the middle of 19th century. Military…
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The First World War that erupted in 1914 was an outcome of multifaceted circumstances and scenarios. It had its root causes in political, social, economic and ideological backgrounds. The road towards First World War was in making since the middle of 19th century. Military alliances, subjects’ hostility towards their masters, diplomatic failures all these resulted in the outbreak of the war.
The Ottoman Empire that had long ruled over the subjects had gone frail in recent times, giving rise to a vacuum within. This led to the fight within between the Big three of Europe.
The German armament and the hostile attitude of the Kaiser and the military top heads was reflective of their ambitions which came forth in 1914. The events of 1908 along with the formal annexation of Serbia and Bosnia, by Austria when it tempered the terms of the 1878 and 1885 accords. The establishment of secret societies by the Serbs was also a step towards the war outbreak. The presence of “Black Hand” contributed to the war directly as well as in directly. The final blow came about in the form of assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand.
Once the war was over, the long lasting peace could not be achieved based on the fact that the environment was revenge oriented. The Top Four were not on one page. The Absence of United States of America from the League of Nations was another reason towards the weakness. Economic situations made it further difficult for normalcy to prevail. Read More
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War in 1914 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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