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Unite Test Three - Assignment Example

Though America was not an initial participant within the first war in Europe, it joined and the famous speech was made as the president emphasized the need for such an intervention to have the war halted for the sake of European peace and progress. Though most of participating countries kept their motives hidden, Wilson’s pronouncement of the essence of the war in the ‘fourteen points’ speech was a welkan to Europe. Third world The term and concept has been in use ever since the inception of cold war broadly describing those countries that remained non-partisan to the war. In particular, the word describes the nations as were not affiliated to either NATO or communist bloc in the war. The term has ever been in use in reference to countries in political, economic or even social divisions. It is also worth noting that the use of the term has greatly evolved where most recent use is in reference to developing countries Apartheid A distinctive feature in early colonialism in Africa, especially within South Africa was segregation based on skin color or race. The initial implication of the term as adopted was to ‘set apart’. Its use and adoption took effect after Second World War where the majority African rights were curtailed and Afrikaans minority rule embraced. After 1948’s general in South Africa, the Dutch colonialists introduced the policy with the aim of oppressing the black majority within South Africa. Dreadnought The 20th century was characterized by major global battles and advancement

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Nursing at Maternity Unite
The designation of nursing in maternity unit is one of the most essential and critical medical services that can be performed by any medical institution. The maternity unit is concerned with performing the practices of postpartum, midwifery and the childbirths and its related services.
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Item Analysis
It is important though; that knowledge of the purpose and subject matter of the test be incorporated into the final analysis. The test at hand has 10 multiple choice items; each with 5 alternatives. Thus, the probability that a test taker could get an answer right by luck is 20%.
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Forensic test
According to the research findings an ideal forensic test should be accurate because the results will be highly scrutinized in court therefore it cannot afford to be inaccurate. Accuracy also helps to avoid disputes. Another characteristic associated with an ideal forensic test is the sensitivity.
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The Discuss Book Implicit Associations
No one wants to admit that they're biased against a group of people. The Implicit Associations Test measures the unconscious biases of individuals and helps identify prejudices that may affect behavior in social situations. Though not always entirely correct, they are largely reliable as indicators of bias.
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Dualism by Plato and Descartes
Descarte’s Cartesian dualism separates mind from the soul. For Descartes, a soul is what animates the body and the mind’s job is to think and imagine. Such is why he is being famous of the adage “I think, therefore I am”. Plato differs from Descartes in a manner that he held that soul can think better when it is separated from the body.
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Self Consciousness Issues
Since, however, humans tend to anthropomorphize everything from rocks to metal, and especially machines, the Turing Test can only be effective in distinguishing the machine from human to the extent that an answer must necessarily be profoundly and absolutely different for a human than for a machine.
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Drug Use and Abuse

An educator should approach the suspected drug abuser and express concern. Talking to the student will help establish the cause of the drug abuse and provide advice to the student. The educator should also report the case to the relevant authorities to ensure that the drug problem is contained.

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Market for Ajax Foods
Test marketing is a stage of product development in which a product and its plan of marketing is exposed to a carefully selected sample of a population in order to make a reject or accept the decision on a new product introduced in the organization before the new product is fully launched (Booz and Hamilton 31).
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Anthropology Test
According to Diamond, agriculture has had a negative effect on the population in that it led to starvation and deaths due to malnutrition. It also lowered the expectancy rte due to the limited diet that agriculture provides Factors include • The lack of variety of diets, which is attributed to l farming that, is limited
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Problems of toxicology on the human organism
Detoxification is a process whereby all the toxins in the body are removed. Can either be poison from a substance, heavy chemicals, chemical addictives and other toxins that can be found in food, water and also from metabolic waste products that are produced by the body.
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in military equipment was a symbol of power and superiority. Warships were invented and adopted for use in such battles as were fought within the century. Among such great battle ships that were developed within the century was the Dreadnoughts which were the predominant symbols of power in war in the era. After launch of the initial dreadnought ‘Royal Navy’ in early years of the century, many similar war ships were designed and shared on the name. Moreover, other ships that were originally designed before the Royal Navy were renamed pre-dreadnoughts. World war one Countries collude to form cooperation blocks, which are more influential in international scene on matters of security as well as war. An example of security regimes that has been has been the Soviet Union and the communist bloc, which were very effective within the cold war (Beasley, 124). The historical World War 1 broke in the year 1914 with two, main opposing alliances of nations. Many Australian men volunteered to participate in the war in support of the Britain and were taken overseas for training. The British side opted to support Russia in order to defeat Turkey through which they would be in a position to weaken Germany. Yugoslav Princip’s assassination of Austria’s Ferdinand is shown to have been the actual trigger to the war. The battle for supremacy between the first world countries, which had great power, made the war inevitable and therefore strategic alliances formed to make up the opposing sides. The war was first of its kind by the involvement of different countries as alliances and blocks through which they fought their allies. Among notable effects of the war in Europe was the need to have the map redrawn after dismantling of some of the countries. Besides, major imperial powers and empires such as Germany, Ottoman, Russia as well as Austro-Hungarian were dismantled hence leaving a


Gavrilo Princip
He was a Yugoslavian native in the early 20th century and is widely remembered for being the actual reason of emergence of the first global war in 1914. He assassinated Franz Ferdinand, an Austrian that led to cancellation of diplomatic ties between the countries…
Unite Test Three
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