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Discuss the life of Delores Huerta and compare how their actions/activism/life fit within the cultural gender standard of her community. Your paper should also include how her narrative affected women in general. What did she acco - Assignment Example

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She was the female child in the family and the second born of three siblings. Her parents divorced when she was still a small child and her mother raised her and her two brothers single-handedly. She quotes her…
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Discuss the life of Delores Huerta and compare how their actions/activism/life fit within the cultural gender standard of her community. Your paper should also include how her narrative affected women in general. What did she acco
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"Discuss the life of Delores Huerta and compare how their actions/activism/life fit within the cultural gender standard of her community. Your paper should also include how her narrative affected women in general. What did she acco"

Download file to see previous pages This was because many of them were the children of farm workers who were poorly paid and hence lived below the poverty lines; they could not afford to provide adequate food for their children. No longer able to continue watching her students coming to class without anything to eat, she decided to set up the Community Services Organization, whose main objective was to end discrimination against the farms workers and to also improve their economic situation through improved working conditions and better pay for the workers. During this period is when she met up with Cesar Chavez alike minded individual like her and for the following years they worked together to further the cause of millions of farm workers (Lloyd, 2008). In 1960, she created the Agricultural Workers Association in order to further her cause. She used this association to continue with her fight for the farm workers and especially for the rights of migrant farm workers. Later on, she collaborated with Cesar Chavez and formed the United Farm Workers that was an instrumental and powerful labor union leading the largest industrial actions of the 1970s.In the year of 1999; she stepped down from active duties in the organization but continued to be active in her own personal capacity towards the advancement of her cause. She has received and continues to receive numerous awards and accolades the world over for her efforts and activism activities towards the improvement and empowerment of the common worker (Lloyd, 2008).
Dolores formed a very formidable force with her long-term partner because of her reputation of being a very good organizer. This is how she was able to lead massive industrial actions in the country especially the strikes against The grape growers in California in the 1960s.She was also a proven hard negotiator who was able to fight for the workers and come up with the best results for the workers that she represented. She was also an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Life of Delores Huerta and Compare How Their Assignment.
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