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The author of this essay "America Between Dream and Reality" aims to describe the relation that Martin Luther King Jr. had to the American culture and explore the links to the American identity that was created due to all his efforts to include the African-American to the society…
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America Between Dream and Reality
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Download file to see previous pages The dream held that citizens had rights, including the right to life, the pursuit of happiness, and liberty. Such rights were believed to have come from God and were neither derived nor conferred by the state. The dream provided that every man was an air of dignity, legacy, and worth (Dyson, 2000). In reality, citizens have professed for great democratic principles, but have failed in the practice of such principles. America is still challenged in achieving its dream more than ever because the nation is not permitted for an anemic democracy. The price that America is obliged to pay for the perpetual oppression of minority groups, may lead to its own destruction. The existence of a dream is necessary to challenge America on the need to ensure justice, brotherhood, and love among the citizens. Martin Luther had declared his mission of saving America’s soul. He used protests and demonstrations in order to bring out redemptive measures that would heal America. His concerns were particularly revolving around issues of race.
The picture chosen describes Martin Luther King Jr. during his famous speech “I have a dream”. The way he was acting during his speech reinforced what he was saying as he had a very strong posture. You can see from Martin Luther King's body language that he was quiet and grounded as he conveyed his discourse. Despite the fact that you cant see his feet as he's talking, Id envisions him to be intensely planted to the ground, with a strong carriage that says, "Here I am. I'm not moving. Right away, you come to me." No one from the 200 000 people that were at the Washington rally could have stopped his speech or made put him off track if they tried because of how strongly determined he was during it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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