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Compare and contrast the republican forms of democracy - Essay Example

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The advent of the American independence ushered in a period of ideological struggle between various factions and individuals involved in the constitution making process. In a bid to replace the British monarchical and aristocratic government, a number of constitutional…
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Compare and contrast the republican forms of democracy
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"Compare and contrast the republican forms of democracy"

Download file to see previous pages Concerning this need, the personalities wanted for the American citizens’ access to better services in all the spheres of life. The common belief and the aspiration in this regard were that the achievement of the dream was only possible through the establishment of a representative democracy. Therefore, the bottom line is that all the three individuals championed for representative democracy. Another similarity is that despite John Adams being a former monarchist with Alexander Hamilton, he together with T. Jefferson and T. Paine were during the duration 1770-1780 strongly opposed to the hereditary monarchical rule. They all argued that the monarchical and aristocratic rule established a basis of power independent of the people. In this regard, all the three were indeed in agreement that the people must be the center of focus of the constitution.
In the spirit of fighting to eliminate every element of monarchy, all the three were in agreement and indeed despised the idea of seeking the royal and the republican loans. They argued this was a vital ingredient toward the establishment of the monarchical and the aristocratic rule in America. The three argued that, in the height of a popular corrupt, some very desperate persons would be tempted to re-establish and initiate some hereditary offices in the land. The three were also in agreement concerning the rule of law. There was no doubt as to their commitment to have a nation governed by a system of rules that govern everyday life of the people. They derived this understanding from the literal and ever true meaning of a republic, now that they were republicans. The meaning as espoused then was that; “ Republic being an empire of laws and not men, must establish a government in which all men, rich and poor, magistrates and subjects, the officers and people, masters and servants, the first citizen and the last one are equally subject to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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