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World War I made the world safe for democracy, because through the war, freedom was achieved, giving way to democracy. After Wilson won in the 1912 elections, he…
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War War I
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World War I Democracy was being used as a key term during the World War I, as the war was being fought for peace and freedom. World War I made the world safe for democracy, because through the war, freedom was achieved, giving way to democracy. After Wilson won in the 1912 elections, he promised not to send the military to wars, an action which protected many lives. Wilson had also introduced a preparedness program which helped to secure the rights of Americans to travel freely. Wilson spoke before the congress saying “The world must be safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundation of political liberty.
World War I enhanced democracy through some of the programs and ideas introduced by Wilson. In 1918 he gave a statement that America was fighting for freedom of the seas, open diplomacy, change in colonization and giving the colonized people freedom among other aims. Through the war, America was granted a possibility of changing the American society in line with scientific lines, bringing in national unity and self-sacrifice, and expanding social justice. During the war there was an improvement in the working conditions and an increase in wages. This fostered democracy because it encouraged freedom and justice as people would air their views concerning working hours and other job related issues.
World War I undermined democracy in America in various ways. The war was viewed as a crime against the people of America. It caused millions of deaths, many of the victims being the military which was sent to battlefields. Through these numerous deaths, the nations were split and peace was torn apart. The war also introduced various oppressing rules that worked against democracy. Some rules did not allow people to travel freely especially through the seas. The war oppressed the rights of the workers, because their taxes were increased unreasonably, to finance the war.
This material provides a lot of information on various matters regarding the World War I and democracy in America. I have learnt that democracy is very important to the society and can be affected greatly by wars. This material shows that it is important and possible to achieve peace without victory. Read More
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