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His article describes the current leadership state more clearly than how the word democracy does. He further goes into details to explain how that kind of rule, plutocracy, is still…
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Read the sources and summarize them
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Plutocracy and Depleted Uranium Plutocracy Plutocracy has been described by the asrule by people of wealth system (Korten, 2014). His article describes the current leadership state more clearly than how the word democracy does. He further goes into details to explain how that kind of rule, plutocracy, is still the mode of rule we have been experiencing all along since creation of our country although plutocracy has grown into deep democracy over time. He goes into details to explain how rich white men, commonly known as the white men of property, wrote the US constitution. Their step at that time was heroic and reformist. They contributed much towards ending hereditary monarchy and presented the separation of the state and church to end theocracy which were both outstanding achievements during their time (Korten, 2014).
The author explains how the original constitution protected the elite bodies of a plutocracy, which is a structure of affluence that precisely endorsed captivity and gave no rights to women, people of color, or Native Americans. He expounds on his theory on plutocracy by showing how the United States is as an empire ruled as a plutocracy not willing to recognize demands by average people of their rights to life freedom and they search for their happiness in a violent manner (Korten, 2014).
The article the US constitution authors had acted without considering the right of every individual to life, freedom, and justice for all by giving us governing institutions that represent uppermost face of these democratic principles.
The author explains the relationship of the current economy in plutocracy and how the current day economy has influenced the rule experienced by the United States. Plutocracy has been able to combine with the word economy to result to "plutonomy" that shows that income progression is confined to those at the peak of the affluence pyramid. It shows how marketing consultants and investment advisors describe our current economy.
Depleted Uranium
The article is by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The article is used to show how the US military used some bullets made with depleted uranium (DU) when attacking their enemies who used armored vehicles and its amplified usage in the 1990-1991 Gulf war. It further expresses the health dangers it posed on those who were exposed to its chemical toxicity, which equal the chemical toxicity of natural uranium but with a radioactivity of 40 percent or less. It explains ways in which DU can be hazardous to those who had been in a war zone during the period which include penetration of DU pieces in the muscle or soft tissues of the body as well as inhaling or swallowing small pieces of DU particles in the surroundings (US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2014).
It equips the readers, especially the Gulf War veterans, with the knowhow of the health complications associated with exposure to the DU in both the short term and the long term. It further explains how high doses of the DU, if left in the body for a long period may end up affecting the victims kidneys. After the Gulf war, many of the veterans exposed to the DU have not yet been found with such health problems but researchers are still keeping a close eye on the veterans in case of such arising. The article also is directed at advising any of the veterans to be on toes in the event they realize they suffer any post DU exposure health problems to report so that they may be compensated and treated of the problems (US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2014).
The effects of DU are yet to be experienced by the veterans as well as the people who live at and around the Gulf where the war took place in the 1990-1991. Plutocracy can change with time and the voters can change from voting for the people who are economical at the peak of the affluence pyramid but instead vote for the candidate they prefer. With plutocracy, the economy will only remain stunted with those at the peak of the wealth pyramid.
Korten, D. (2014). The United States as a Plutocracy. Retrieved on 10th April 2014 from
US Department of Veteran Affairs (2014). Depleted Uranium. Retrieved on 10th April 2014 from Read More
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Read the Sources and Summarize Them Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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