Imperialism was always seen as positive for Westerners, but as destructive by the peoples of Africa and Asia. To what extent does this statement appear to be true - Essay Example

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Imperialism is a practice or policy by which a country/nation increases its political, economic or cultural life power by dominating over other nations/countries/regions. It involves changing or influencing the way people live in other poorer countries. It is believed that the…
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Imperialism was always seen as positive for Westerners, but as destructive by the peoples of Africa and Asia. To what extent does this statement appear to be true
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Extract of sample "Imperialism was always seen as positive for Westerners, but as destructive by the peoples of Africa and Asia. To what extent does this statement appear to be true"

Download file to see previous pages This was a major step by these countries in the west but to the subjects, i.e. Africa and Asia, this was a bad dream if not a nightmare. Africa was specifically chosen because in Africa, declining empires and wars among the locals left many states vulnerable. Furthermore, it would make available of the raw materials e.g. rubber and tin not locally available in the region and would also create a ready market for the goods. The force of European commerce, culture and power in Asia resulted to a rise to growing trade in goods/commodities that were a key development in modern world free market economy. The motives of this imperialism which were accomplished by the end of the 19th century were improving communications, medical advances, and military technologies. By 1860, Africa was still developing internally on its own terms. The dynamism and importance of Africa on the global continuum supports the theory that Africa would have evolved/developed and sustained level of advancement/development and civilization without the contact with imperial forces. Also, many states had been weakened by slave trade1.
On one hand, the imperialism was damaging as it led to large portions of Africa came under European colonial rule. When the imperialists saw how divided and uncivilized the local people were, they thought that with a little help they can easily conquer and rule the land. Another factor that enhanced their morale was the primitive weapons used by Africans and also they took advantage of the hospitality of the local people. This style is called ‘divide and rule . Westerners sought to fight African tribes among themselves which made it easier for them to take control and earn the ‘free’ land. Another damaging factor was famines that resulted in regions where farmers grew cash crops for export for imperialistic nations instead of food for local use. Indigenous people lost ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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