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The historical composition of the region together with current coexistence of the between the two committee will be dealt with the main ideas being drawn from the two…
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Response to articles (to state in the documents uploaded)
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Download file to see previous pages The two articles dwell on the African American cultures and their influence in decision making. Hughes displays a scenario in which the whites are considered to be superior and of higher class than the African American. He also states the existing social classes within the African Americans. The social standards determine the life style and the child’s development (Marable & Mullings, 2009). The internal composting of families and individuals in an African American set up are determined by the existing stereotypes. These notions associate many negative occurrences to the African American populating (Huggins, 47). The two authors indicate the origin of an individual to be the main reason behind their beliefs and practice. The two authors disagree with each other on matters cross- cultural solidarity. Hughes acknowledges the solidarity. He uses the boys desire to compose poems to show the cultural interchange with the boy aspiring to be a white poet. The initial institution for each individual is the social with background information and practices being blamed to social class. They all agree on how society shapes behaviors with social background determine the nature of person people end up being. The stereotype aspect is enhanced by the family with parents giving their children negative attitude towards a given ethnic group.
The authors indicate two relationships between the whites and African American. The ancient relationship in which many associated the blacks and lack formal cultural compositions with many wishing to b born in white. Hughes indicates social differences between the two groups to be the reason behind the negative beliefs existing between the two. The other aspect by the author is the existence of positive beliefs and a change of heart with both cultures showing a sense of appreciation in both the educational ground and social lives. The authors indicate friendship growing between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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