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According to Haslam and McGarty (2003), Realism is a spectrum of ideas which spin around the four core propositions of Political Groupism, International Anarchy, Power politics and Egoism. Realists think that humankind is self-centered and competitive but rather not inherently…
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To what extent has realism dominated the study of security
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Download file to see previous pages Power is a notion primarily thought of in the perspectives of material resources necessary to coerce or induce other states.
The most important actor when it comes to realism is the state. It is autonomous and unitary because it speaks and acts with a single voice (Glassgold, 2012, p. 89). It is noted that the power of the state is understood in respect to its military capabilities, and thus security concerns. Although all nations seek hegemony under realism as the only path to ensure their own security, other states are incentivized to prevent through balancing the emergence of a hegemon.
There is application of rational model of decision making the states through obtaining and acting upon accurate and complete information. National interest guides the sovereign states as explained in the terms of power. Since the single constraint of international system is the anarchy, none of the international authorities and the states are actually left to their devises to provide their own security.
The perception of realists that Sovereign states are the key actors in the international system, leads to a special attention to large powers as they are viewed the most influential on the international stage. States are intrinsically obsessed with security (defensive realism) or are aggressive (offensive realism), and that territorial spreading out is only constrained by opposing powers. Security dilemma result due to this aggressive build-up, such that increasing ones security may convey along even increased instability as an opposing power puts up its own arms in response (Vu & Wongsurawat, 2009, p. 89). The dilemma is such that there is competition among the states to up their security as a result of feeling insecure yet at the end none of the state feels secure. There is a spiral of insecurity all along. Hence, security turns into a zero-sum game in that only relative gains can be made.
Realists accept as true the fact that there are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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