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Needs Analysis of Microsoft Corporation - Research Paper Example

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Information security is an important aspect of the modern human activities and processes due to the increased use of technology and networks, which pose threats to private and confidential…
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Needs Analysis of Microsoft Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages At the point when the event is harmful, some inspiration or objective of the hackers must be determined and addressed through the most appropriate measures. For example, the goal could be aimed at upsetting ordinary business operations, consequently denying information accessibility and production.
Microsoft has been a leader in the design and programming of computer software, including operating systems and software applications. However, the future of Microsoft, as said by Steve Ballmer, the company’s CEO, is that of both a hardware and software corporation. According to the CEO, in about five to ten years, the company will be a manufacturer of devices as an addition to its software services and applications. The hardware, which the company is expected to manufacture in the future, includes Windows 8 Surface Tablets. In addition, it is postulated that the company will produce Windows 8 Smartphones. The entry into the mobile phone and telecommunication industry by Microsoft is likely to shape or change the competitiveness of this industry to a large extent hence the need for security. This clearly shows that Microsoft Corporation requires adequate security measures.
Most firms such as Microsoft Corporation are on the look for superior and successful ways of managing their safety infrastructure. Nonetheless, technological advancement is a human innovation, but it surpasses human control. This is why most companies are afraid of security threats brought about by change while at the same time; they have to embrace technology as a means of improving their sales. Network threats and attacks are some of the challenges facing security personnel in various industries. This has pushed security operators to consider using complex systems or models to ensure compliance. In addition, these security threats call for stringent and network-wide security policies. The reason why most companies consider using sophisticated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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