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The author’s purpose in this chapter is to argue that this is the most important question to answer right now because for so many years of inquiry about what could be the reason for this social chaos, still there is no sufficient answer that can be obtained. …
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The End of Liberalism: Chapter Segment of Book Dissection
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The End of Liberalism: Chapter Segment of Book Dissection Lowi, Theodore J. The End of Liberalism: ideology, policy, and the crisis of public authority.
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 1969. Print. ISBN: 978-0393934328
Chapter 7 is entitled “Cities: The American Tragedy.” The main subject of this chapter is the observation that although the United States of American has been an urban nation for many years – when its economy is good and sufficient to support the basic needs of its people – why is it now that it is experiencing real or imminent disorder? The author’s purpose in this chapter is to argue that this is the most important question to answer right now because for so many years of inquiry about what could be the reason for this social chaos, still there is no sufficient answer that can be obtained. First, there were suppositions that the problem might be because of the dissolution of the Negro Family. Second, that economic deprivation and social disenfranchisement cause the unequal distribution of wealth causing social conflict across varying class patterns; and third, the assassination of the Martin Luther King, which established the perennial struggle between the White and the Black populations. One piece that the author to support his case is his claim about the Moynihan Report in which he argues that it is the termination of the Negro culture and the Negro Civilization that cause the disorders in the city. 1 Read More
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