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Eric Feige, the Chickaloon representative and Rep. Tammie Wilson, the representative for North Pole introduced House Bill 268 which sought to have the big bull moose derbies added to the list of games…
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Big Bull Moose Derbies
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Download file to see previous pages The operation of the big bull moose derbies will be conducted in a similar manner to the other contests that have already been allowed under the governing statue. These derbies will be conducted throughout the duration of the annual moose season by licensed individuals that have managed to successfully acquire all the proper documentation as dictated upon by the State of Alaska showing that they will stay within the set moose season legal boundaries. Individuals that wish to participate in the derby will be required to purchase a derby ticket to the moose season’s open day. The derby’s winner will be based on the spread of the bull antlers, with the winner being the who manages to harvest the bull having the widest spread or size that has been legally taken. This winner will receive a predetermined cash prize that will be based on the overall proceeds that are netted by the fund raiser. All participants that enter a bull will be entered into the derby’s prize draw regardless of the antler spread of their bulls (, 2014).
The Hose Bill 268’s sponsoring statements also points out that the Tanana Valley Sportsmen Association (TVSA) which is the association that will be responsible for using the derby to raise funds is a nonprofit organization that is concerned with the hosting and training of a number of competition events on behalf of several local high schools as well as on behalf of the nationally ranked University of Alaska Nanooks Rifle Team. Some of the school and community events that are normally hosted by the association include gun safety and personal protection classes, biathlon competitions and trainings as well as NCAA tournaments. By passing the House Bill 268 allowing for Big Bull Moose Derbies to be operated in much the same way as other contests, the TVSA will be able to easily raise funds that will be used in supporting the activities of both the TVSA club ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Big Bull Moose Derbies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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