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the speech by Susan B Antony focused on the right to vote and the main presentations was done using the speeches which involved instigation of women to fight for their rights to vote and be…
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American Political Thought
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Susan B. Antony Speech The women suffrage movement was spearheaded by several women including Susan B Antony.the speech by Susan B Antony focused on the right to vote and the main presentations was done using the speeches which involved instigation of women to fight for their rights to vote and be represented in the voting process. the issue of women suffrage was divide into two with the first part being the right to vote while the second part being the right to run for office. The focus of Susan B Antony was on the right to vote and the right to run for office which is the main idea in the speeches. Susan Antony worked with Elizabeth Stanton and the focus was on the suffrage and the rights of women in the society (Dilke 503). The speech of Susan Antony is based on the need to spearhead changes in the elections and the rights of women. In the past the focus of the society involved depriving of the women a chance to participate in the national issues. The focus of the speeches by Susan Antony was on the abolishment of the segregation of women and the involvement of the women in voting and looking for elective positions. The speech focused on the involvement of Susan in the voting process which led to her arrest and detainment. She continually referred to the arrest in the speeches.
Voting was the main concern because of the challenge she went through after attempting to vote in the elections. Referring to the constitution of the country, she made passionate appeals on the country women and men to relook at the constitution and protect the rights of the women. Despite struggling for the rights to vote, she was not able to achieve the desired goal. The principle of power of the government being derived from the people was used as the basis to argue the case of the women. The use of sex to disfranchise a society was vehemently condemned by Susan. In her view, this was the massive violation of the citizen right and should be abolished in totality. The major question asked by the Susan was on determination on whether women are persons or not. The question was rhetorical but was meant to influence the women and allow them to think about their rights. The speeches presented by Susan helped by influencing women to take action against the discrimination and thus be involved in the leadership issues of the country.
Discrimination of the women through the constitution was highlighted and the laws for equity were highlighted to show the need for enactment of the laws. The focus on the constitution and the law was effective because it ensured that the government looked at the argument presented and addressed the challenge, which took time and led to the women voting in the elections. The desire to own property, and participate in leadership was integral in the development of the women suffrage movement. Susan B Antony did not live to witness the women voting but the dream was achieved later and the women rights movement was able to achieve voting rights.
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Dilke, Mary. Womens Suffrage. Social Studies, n.d. Print. Read More
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