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How do the theories and ideas of Marx and/or Weber help us to understand the nature of political authority in the contemporary world - Essay Example

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The legitimation confronting most political authorities in the world is ascribed to various factors. Even the traditional perspective of sovereignty as supreme…
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How do the theories and ideas of Marx and/or Weber help us to understand the nature of political authority in the contemporary world
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Extract of sample "How do the theories and ideas of Marx and/or Weber help us to understand the nature of political authority in the contemporary world"

Download file to see previous pages However, while power can be exerted through violence or force, authority depends on the subordinate groups that consent to use of power imposed by the superior groups (Treiber 2011, p. 140).
Rational legal authority depends on the legitimacy of established laws and formal rules. The modern societies depend on the legal rational authority normally mentioned in the constitution. (Lewis 2010, p. 57).The right of the hereditary monarchs to rule is a perfect example of hereditary leadership.
The charismatic authority involves the charisma of an individual. This is derived from the ‘gift of grace’, when a leader claims the authority to come from higher powers. However, history has witnessed revolutions and social movements against those three types of authority, never actually existing in a pure state, according to Weber. In his view, authority can be distinguished from power. The “superior” in authority often feel that they have the right to command, while the subordinates feel that they have an obligation to obey. Nevertheless, many socialists and other modern authors argue that authority is a resource available only to incumbents in formal positions.
Max Weber proposed the theory of authority, in his move towards encouraging the understanding of legitimating authority as a belief system (Lewis 2010, p. 57). As we said, Weber described three forms of authority; traditional, charismatic and legal-rational.
This form of authority is legitimated through sanctity of tradition. Right and ability to rule is passed through heredity and is unchangeable over time. This is inconsistent, irrational and perpetuates status quo. Creation of new laws opposing the traditional norms may be deemed impossible, since the traditional authority is embodied in feudalism where a servant depends completely on lords (Giddens 1971, p. 90).
A charismatic leader aims at inspiring others, and such leadership is based on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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