For what reason has the role of the British Prime Minister been viewed by some critics as increasingly 'presidential' in nature - Essay Example

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The prime minister is believed to be the chief executive of the United Kingdom. Unlike in the present history of the United Kingdom, this office was initially considered less…
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For what reason has the role of the British Prime Minister been viewed by some critics as increasingly presidential in nature
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An individual has to justify some specified qualifications in order for them to be chosen as prime ministers. To start with, they ought to be members of parliament (MPs) before they are chosen to the position. The politician also needs to be a leader of any party so as to qualify as a prime minister. Lastly, for one to become a prime minister they ought to be leaders of a party that has mainstream control of the House of Commons. Once the prime minister has been given the position, he or she is charged with the responsibility of carrying out some duties. These are what are known as the roles of the prime minister in the constitution of the government of the United Kingdom. The prime minister is charged with the obligation of creating the government, leading administrative policies, supervising the cabinet, organizing the government, regulating parliament and to sum up, he or she offers state leadership (Bennister, 2012: pg. 150)
The prime minister plays the role of supervising the cabinet in that, he or she is the chairperson of the same cabinet. He or she chairs the cabinet during the meetings in which they meet on an average of once during the week. The agenda to be discussed during the meetings are decided on by the prime minister who also approves the minutes of their meeting. The prime minister apart from convening the cabinet meetings, he spells the time it will last and the type of layout that will be followed (Thomas, 1998:pg.100).
According to Baldwin, N., (2006: 60), the prime minister synchronizes the government policies with the help of specific ministers and also via the cabinet. The whole process of coordinating the government sets off even before the elections are determined. The person who is seen as the potential prime minister oversees the frameworks of the policy as they are drafted in their party proposal. Once these persons are elected in office, they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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