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History of Civilization: Why European Civilization Rather than any of the other Major Civilizations was the only one to Expand Successfully Overseas and Establish a Global Presence between the 15th and Early 19th Centuries
There have been a number of different civilizations…
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History of civilization
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Download file to see previous pages The predominance that is seen to characterize western civilization across the world is seen to be relatively unprecedented largely due to the fact that although many civilizations emerged before the European civilization and actually managed to radiate their influence far beyond the borders of their original homeland, these civilizations had nevertheless not managed to cast and sustain their predominance right around the globe.
The successes of the European civilization are seen to be made all the more apparent when they are compared to those of some of the other civilizations that emerged before it. While these civilizations did manage to expand, they were however unable to attain global dominance. The Islam civilization for instance managed to expand from its origins in the Middle East to Affect Central Africa and Asia, it also managed to expand to the Pacific coasts of East Indies and the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, however, it was unable to obtain any permanent foothold in Europe as a result of religious opposition, in addition to this, Islamic civilization never having crossed the Atlantic to venture into the New World as it did not have access to the appropriate navigational sciences and technology to be able to accomplish this. The Eastern orthodox Christendom civilization on the other hand initially grew up in mediaeval Byzantium and was successfully carried to the Pacific by the Russians but it eventually succumbed to Western social and religious influences by the close of the 17th century that were not in support of Western Christianity. The ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece managed to extend their own political influence into Northern Europe where the Roman Empire is seen to have brought artistic inspiration to the Far East and India. While the Ancient India civilization manage to radiate her commerce, art and relation into the East Indies and Far East, it was however not able to successfully ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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