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Book of Exodus - Essay Example

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Among the Pentateuch (Torah-Law) books, it is the second. Exodus describes the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land (Cannan) through the great power of God (Yahweh). Moses leads the journey to Mount Sinai…
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Book of Exodus
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Extract of sample "Book of Exodus"

The Book of Exodus, 6th Century BCE Exodus is a Hebrew word that means “going out”. Among the Pentateuch (Torah-Law) books, it is the second. Exodus describes the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land (Cannan) through the great power of God (Yahweh). Moses leads the journey to Mount Sinai through the jungle, and Yahweh has promised them Cannan in return for being faithful. The Israelites enter into an agreement (covenant) with Yahweh at Sinai by giving them instructions and laws (Dozenman 8).
In the context of political science, Exodus has been described by many scholars as one of the most important books in the bible. It showcases the defining element of the identity of the Israelites. Memories and histories of the past that were marked by escape and hardship, coupled with an encompassing covenant with Yahweh, contribute to understanding the political development that took place in this period.
There is the theme of election in the social setting of Israelites. Firstly, the nation has been elected as the people of God. Secondly, the “sons of Israel” have been elected as God’s “first born sons”. This is seen in how leadership boils down to Jesus from Abraham and Shem. Jacob’s name changes to Israel; a condition that helps his family to hold leadership positions simply because the people believe they have been chosen by God (Dozenman 26).
The element of election further narrows down to the descendants of David, from the line of Judah. Finally, through Jesus, leadership can be seen from the power wielded by Jesus. Apart from the divine power inheritance, the connection between history and political is one theme that has been intensively described in the Book of Exodus.
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Dozenman, Thomas B. Commentary on Exodus. 2009.8-26 Read More
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