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American History Paper - Essay Example

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They do not want you to make an alliance with us, the reason being that, they (the Soviets) have been our rivals in the 1920s which has led to the occurrence of the Cold War. That’s…
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Extract of sample "American History Paper"

American History Paper REF: REQUEST FOR RE-UNION
I write to inform you that the information you received from the soviet diplomats in not true. They do not want you to make an alliance with us, the reason being that, they (the Soviets) have been our rivals in the 1920s which has led to the occurrence of the Cold War. That’s why they are trying to make you deny the Americans request to be our allies in the cold war. I have explained the reasons and evidences below, why you should join us at the Cold War to stop the Soviets.
American domestic and foreign policy changed drastically between 1890 and 1920. After years, American became an imperial power of an isolationist foreign policy while in years; the government and corruption were replaced with a reformer’s progressive government. Due to significant impacts of both policies, the achievement of social and politics of the progressive government had some reaching effects than the American empire buildings.
Before 1890, America somehow uninvolved in foreign affairs, but by 1902, it became an imperial power. Through motivation of new desire for new markets, and the image of strong navy, it was only a matter of time before America played a major role on the world stage. The war with Spain was the first major imperial action. When the war ended, the United States annexed Puerto Rico and the Philippines so as to Christianize and civilize them, leading to the start of Benevolent Assimilation policy. Therefore, Cuba received its independence with some limitations that intended to ensure that the United States had a practical control of the nation.
In 1901, President McKinley was assassinated while Teddy Roosevelt as a progressive reformer was given the Vice-Presidency to end his political career and thereafter made to be the president. The reformers strengthen the people through referendum, initiative, direct primary elections and the direct senator’s election. Women’s political power increased and thus gained the right to vote by 1920. Teddy Roosevelt’s deal finally protected the consumer’s needs through acts like drug act and pure food, while giving the government power over the corporations that previous led the government. Most of the progressive accomplishments have evolved further from their initial conception.
The progressiveness of the domestic policies has had a huge impact on the United States Development. These policies made huge gains in rights of women, consumer protection, labor reform, conservation, fiscal reform and projects of public works. The current set of government’s framework was created by the progressives. As you can see, the period between 1890 and 1920 was the most significant period in the formation of United States policy due to the improvement of many policies that started by then. So, the transition from the nation’s isolationist to an imperial power as well as the great change from a conservative government to progressive government helped to shape the US to be the way it is today.
As for interaction between the Soviets, the United States and other countries involved crisis situations, the main issue is not to extinguish military conflicts after the hostilities have started, but to control the emergence war’s sources, to clear explosive occasions before they break out.
Everybody including the American’s new administration agrees that the present situation in the developing country is one of tension and turmoil. I request you to join us the cold war because we, the United States, will help to support the people struggles for their national and social liberation. We shall work on urbanization trends, improve health and increase wealth in all the developing countries. Don’t be convinced and cheated by the Soviet and if you join us, we will work together in the development of the country1.
Works cited
Nicholas Katers. The American Foreign policy. Wisconsin-Green Bay University. 2003. Read More
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American History Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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