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Japanese Americans - Research Paper Example

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This essay expounds on Japanese Americans origin, history, struggles and success. Additionally, the paper also explores on the education equity today, in terms of what Japanese Americans have done to receive equal education opportunities today…
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Japanese Americans
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"Japanese Americans"

Download file to see previous pages The migration of Japanese Americans to the United States is associated with the Hawaiian sugar industry between 1870 and 1880 in addition to, Japan painful transition to the modern economy that resulted in civil disorder, unemployment, and bankruptcies. This was a major reason why there was a large migration of Japanese to Hawaii. As a result, from 1900, a majority of Japanese in U.S live in Hawaii. Over 30,000 Japanese moved to Hawaii, single men being the majority. They practiced farming and farm laborers, who immigrated as sojourners instead of settlers. They are also said to have gone to Pacific Northwest in 1880 when federal legislation excluded the Chinese immigration and as a result demanded new labor immigrants. The Japanese immigrants comprised of 40 % of railroad laborers in Oregon (Spickard, 2009).As years passed, the Japanese returned to Japan. They anticipated for the legislation of the American Law against the Hawaii contract labor after the Americans took over their plantations. They imported more than 27,000 Japanese laborers. However, the contracts were void under American laws leaving a number of Japanese free to migrate to U.S. Hawaii still remained the center of concentration for Japanese in many years. The Japanese immigrants preferred to live in Hawaii rather that U.S mainland because of race relations which were worse in U.S mainland than Hawaii.The U.S government was, however; at ease issuing passports for both Hawaii and U.S mainland but still controlled the Japanese emigrants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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