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Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia - Essay Example

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The author examines Socrates Scholasticus "The Murder of Hypatia" about a woman known as Hypatia, the female philosopher who was a daughter to a great philosopher called Theon who made great achievements in science and literature to the extent that she surpassed all the great philosophers. …
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Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia
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Extract of sample "Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia"

Selected Sources: Sex and gender
Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia (Late 4th Cent)
The above source is about a woman known as Hypatia, the female philosopher who was a daughter to a great philosopher called Theon who made great achievements in science and literature to the extent that she surpassed all the great philosophers of her time. She even succeeded in joining the “School of Plato and Plotinus” whereby she expounded the philosophy principles to numerous auditors. Men therefore admired her because of her character due to her ease of manner and self-possession (Socrates: 43).
Her characters were therefore largely acquired due to her cultivation of the minds and her nonappearance in public with magistrates. However, she eventually fell victim to the political jealousy that prevailed at the time. She was wrongly accused that she had prevented Orestes reconciliation with the Bishop. She was therefore dragged to the church, stripped naked and then using tiles, she was murdered. This allowance of fights, massacres and transactions of this sort betrayed the Christianity spirit during lent (Socrates: 46).
Otbrannus and Abbots Daibert prevent a Battle between their Monks (27 and 28th April 1064)
The above article explains how a concord was arrived at between the Monks of Saint Serge and the Monks of Saint Aubin regarding the weir of “The Mill of Varennes”. The article explains how a serious altercation occurred between the two monks over the land, which was to be used for the establishment of a weir at “The Mill of Varennes” (Paul: 560).
This dispute was so grave to an extent that members from each of the households prepared to content with shields and staves against each other regarding this matter. An agreement was therefore made in the presence of all the monks and numerous witnesses regarding the agreement that had been reached at (Paul: 564).
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