Women in Colonial Korea: New Women and Comfort Women - Essay Example

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An essay "Women in Colonial Korea: New Women and Comfort Women" is based on the following thesis: Colonization in Korea had transformed the life and the role of women, leading to the introduction of new types of women, such as the new women and the comfort women…
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Women in Colonial Korea: New Women and Comfort Women
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Download file to see previous pages The literature related to this issue has been reviewed. It is proved that during the colonization period, ‘from 1910 to 1945’ (Jun Yoo 296), women in Korea had to face a series of critical challenges and that their entering in the workplace had not resulted to the improvement of their life, at least for the majority of them. This outcome was related to the following fact: in Korea, the transformation of woman’s social position and the role was the result of the violation of the country’s social framework, i.e. of the colonization, and not of the decision of the country’s political and social powers. Since its entrance in Korea, in 1910, Japan had tried to make major changes on existing economic structures, as in this way it could secure its long-term presence in the country. For example, during the colonization period, Korea had the chance to acquire technologies that could not otherwise develop (Jun Yoo 297). This resulted to the radical improvement of the living conditions of Korea’s urban population; Seoul acquired many features similar to Tokyo, such as transportation system, electricity and central water system (Jun Yoo 297). People in the rural areas of Korea were attracted to the new style of life. However, for them, this life was not affordable. The opening of new industries, that aimed to support, actually, the development of Japan’s industries, offered an important chance: people from rural areas of Korea could enter the workforce and seek for wages that could help them to improve their life. The wages would be also an important help for their family left back, in rural areas (Jun Yoo 297). This mode of life became particularly popular, especially for women. Indeed, young girls from the rural areas could never have the chance to earn their own money. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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