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The two articles mention president Barrack Obama’s threats on imposing diplomatic and economic sanctions and isolation against Russia should it continue with its move to control the Crimea island. The articles mention Russia’s move to control the Island regardless of the…
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The Media and policymaking process
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In Ukraine The two articles mention president Barrack Obama’s threats on imposing diplomatic and economic sanctions and isolation against Russia should it continue with its move to control the Crimea island. The articles mention Russia’s move to control the Island regardless of the threats issued by the US; Russia’s move to control Crimea is of goodwill to protect Russian compatriots and citizens. However, there is a significant difference between the two articles: The New York Times mentions William Hague, British Foreign Secretary reechoing president Obama’s sentiments, Russia issuing an ultimatum against Ukraine over Crimea, which The Washington Times does not.
Plan to Cut National Guards Budget and Osama Son In-Law in Court
These two articles fall within the first stage of the policymaking process, identification of the decision to be made. President Obama has plans to cut the wage bill by first starting with the National Guard and the Army (The Washington Times, 2014). Obama is a formal political actor trying to influence decisions through his power as president. Osama Son In-Law is an informal political actor who faced jurors’ political actors with federal power to make decisions and interpret the law. Give the context of the articles’ parties, it is certain to conclude that the articles are at identification of the decision to be made because no decision has already been isolated.
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The Washington Times. Web. 14 March 2014. Read More
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