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Ancient Egypt - Essay Example

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The title pharaoh became used by Egyptians in the 18th dynasty to refer to their rulers. Before the title pharaoh got used to refer to their rulers, it was meant to refer to the king’s palace. Pharaoh…
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Ancient Egypt
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Ancient Egypt

Download file to see previous pages... According to the ancient Egyptians beliefs, the pharaoh was a great person who represented half-god and half-man. The pharaoh was the middle man between the ordinary Egyptian and the gods. To them, the pharaoh’s spirit was eternal and he or she could live forever. The pharaohs ruled over ancient Egypt for thousands of years and they consisted of both men and women. Among the various Pharaohs that ruled ancient Egypt was Cleopatra VII who was the last pharaoh and an historical queen. She is fondly revered for her beauty and relationships to two roman rulers; Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.
Cleopatra VII full name was Cleopatra VII Philopator. She was ancient Egypt’s last pharaoh who got survived only shortly by his son Caesarion. She belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty. The Ptolemaic dynasty was a family that has Greek origins and got to rule Ptolemaic Egypt. The Ptolemaic dynasty saw its rulers refuse to speak Egyptian by speaking Greek. Cleopatra, however, learnt to speak Egyptian and she became viewed as a reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess called Isis (Grant, 2011). Her initial rule of ancient Egypt saw her rule alongside her father and later her brothers. Later, she took control of the throne solely. As per ancient Egyptian custom, she got married to her brother Ptolemy XIV. Cleopatra is known for solidifying her rule by partnering with roman ruler Julius Caesar. Cleopatra’s rule of ancient Egypt gets much fascination due to her ability to charm the most powerful men in the world at the time. She had relationships with both Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Her beauty and aesthetic appeal gets revealed through her ability to charm both this leaders in quick succession.
Cleopatra’s ascendancy to power came on the backdrop of an uprising that saw the Ptolemy Dynasty capture power with the help of roman support. She became the deputy to her father Ptolemy XII at the age of 14. Her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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