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Revolutionary Era Weapons - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Another weapon was the submarine, also known as "the Turtle" during the Revolutionary Era. The submarine was invented by David Bushnell (Humphrey, 2010, 22-30).
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Revolutionary Era Weapons
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"Revolutionary Era Weapons"

Download file to see previous pages nd, it was permanently closed and towards the other end temporarily closed using a cannonball, and between an explosive was put in place (Hamilton, 2013, 39-42). A pedal-operated propeller powered the submarine. The submarine was also well equipped with a barrel of powder.
In cannons, when the charge is put a match to via the touch-hole, it blows up, or quickly transforms to exceedingly dense gas, pushing out the ball to execute whichever service it is compulsory of it. A wall was demolished by this service, or tore apart men as well as horses, or smashed into the wooden region of a vessel, all commonly mandatory duties (Alagappa, 2009, 44-49).
The submarine submerged through admitting water inside the hull and surfaced through pumping the water out by a hand pump. A keg of powder was the submarine’s torpedo, and it was to be fixed to the hull of an enemy ship’s (Alagappa, 2009, 33-36). A time fuse was then used to detonate it.
Normally the cannon could reach range of several hundred yards. This was the reason why cannons were a highly useful weapon of the Revolutionary War. Even when shot within this range regularly, the cannons proved that they could perform a great amount of damage merely for the reason that the war was being fought openly, and even as they were in formation (Larson, 2010, 44-49). Submarines were effectively used to attach explosives to British ships without being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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