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Explain what Blaut means in this quotation:Eurocentrism is quite simply the colonizers model of the world (p.10) - Essay Example

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In contrast to the dominant belief and historiography that the West is the cradle of modern human civilization, James Morris Blaut argues that to see the West this way is to see the world from the colonizer’s perspective. In “Chapter 1: History Inside Out,” of The…
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Explain what Blaut means in this quotation:Eurocentrism is quite simply the colonizers model of the world (p.10)
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Extract of sample "Explain what Blaut means in this quotation:Eurocentrism is quite simply the colonizers model of the world (p.10)"

Download file to see previous pages More than that, he opposes how Eurocentrism has taken a hold of the global imagination without understanding the economic and political motives behind the colonizer’s model of the world. Eurocentrism helps understand the history of East Asia because of its effects on how the latter also sees itself in relation to Europe. Eurocentrism is a colonizer’s viewpoint of the world, where the European elite used science, scholarship, and expert opinion to propagate the cultural and empirical worldview that Europe, or the Inside, is the superior inventor and justified ruler of the periphery, or the Outside.
In Eurocentrism, the European civilization sees itself as the center of the human universe, where it is the Inside that forms, controls, and shapes the Outside, non-European civilizations. One of the premises of Eurocentrism is that the Inside is Europe and it is the center of everything important. Blaut describes Eurocentrism as “a label for all the beliefs that postulate past or present superiority of Europeans over non-Europeans (and over minority people of non-European descent).”2 These beliefs, however, did not just come out of thin air, but propagated through what Blaut calls as “tunnel history.” He asserts that in this tunnel, world history is European history; in other words, everything in history is a “matter of looking back or down in this European tunnel of time…”3 Blaut explains that the older form of tunnel history simply omits the existence of other cultures and histories, while later forms included non-European history, but with a diffusionist perspective.4 Diffusionism is the opposite of “independent invention,” which believes that change can happen within communities because of original inventions.5 Diffusionism does not agree with independent invention’s assumption that human ingenuity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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