Propaganda in World War I and why the US entered the war - Essay Example

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This essay will focus on how the United States of America used propaganda to mobilize public opinion during Great War. The researcher of this essay also aims to pay special attention to various factors that led the United States of America to enter the war…
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Propaganda in World War I and why the US entered the war
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the Great War (World War I) that erupted in 1914 pitted the allied powers (Great Britain, France, Russia against the central powers (Germany, Austria, Turkey). These European powers often engaged in fights for status and territory thus the Great War was no exception except that it attracted the whole world into the conflict. Not even the United States which had vowed to maintain its isolationist or non-interventionist policy was spared. Of most importance is that the US depended much on trade from both powers with trade from allied forces accounting for more than $ 800 million and from central powers $170 million. Further, trade from Britain and France depended on loans from American banks. No wonder the US was unable to sustain its to a non-interventionist stance. This was bound to be difficult for US thus the formation of the Creel committee to devise propaganda that would shape public opinion towards war support. There are various factors that led the US to enter the war. First, it was the economic ties with Europe. The war would have jeopardized US trade thus it was reasonable to intervene. Secondly, it is the strong ethnic ties of US to the old world. America comprised of many immigrants from war torn areas hence it was bound to get involved in the war. Furthermore, President Wilson always held great admiration for British form of government hence sympathetic to its plight. Another important reason is that US was caught in the middle of commercial warfare with Britain blockade on one side and German blockade on the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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