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As much as opposite sex marriage nowadays is highly valued in our society, it is amazing to note that others are fighting for constitutional recognition of same sex marriage. Since the establishment of Supreme Court of Hawaii, same sex unions have been on the United States…
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Same sexual-marriage
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Download file to see previous pages First, on the historical ground, it is noted that the first recoded statement of people with the same biological sex who fall in love was in U.S, the University of Minnesota. Two students by the name John Richard and his lover McConnel Micheal fell in love, and when the pleasure grew to uncontrollable situation, they matched to county district court, for a request of marriage (Burns 120). This dramatic event occurred in 1970, particularly the eighth day of the fifth month. Unfortunately, it is in tabulation that the Court- Clerk by then Mr. Nelson Gerald declined the application, on the ground that both the applicants were men. This marked the beginning of  unending journey of love. With the knowledge they had concerning Minnesota law, the two applicants went ahead to sue Nelson, who was the Clerk by then handling the case, arguing that Minnesota laws do not mention anything to do with gender. In favor of Nelson, the trial court was not impressed with the claim and so they agreed with Nelson. Nonetheless, the two lovers went ahead to seek the Supreme Courts intervention (Edwards 232). Still, since it was the first thing to be heard in America, the couple faced a rebuff again. However, the journey had been ignited.
After several rejection and constitutional bans on the same sexual marriage, the Netherlands opened up. It is documented that in 1979, the Netherland country loosened up to the extent of adopting the unregistered cohabitation. Therefore, couple of the same sex could cohabitate, although not under a registered permit. This further, was forced to enter into scheme on the ground of being a civil status in rent law. Consequently, Netherlands was the first country to embrace same sexual marriage, and that they permitted the couples to apply for limited rights on the same. This wave moved across the world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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