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Brown v. Board of Education and how it effects racial issues today in socicity and politics - Essay Example

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The common opinion of the time was that the people were not any different but they needed to keep to themselves. The doctrine of equality in separate places was advanced as a means of reducing the…
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Brown v. Board of Education and how it effects racial issues today in socicity and politics
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Extract of sample "Brown v. Board of Education and how it effects racial issues today in socicity and politics"

Download file to see previous pages The private places were defined as the areas such as the private means of transport and lodgings. The approach to the issue that the government adopted was indicative of the unwillingness of to intervene.
The government claimed that the act of discriminating the entrance of the people into the areas was wrong. However, the wrongs were committed in a private capacity and there was nothing that the government could do to correct the trend. The famous case between Brown v. Board of education (1954) was the main cause of the changes that are manifested in the American learning arena today. The desegregation of the education system stemmed from the determination made on the case. However, the very act of desegregating the public learning system has led to the development of major issues in the current times that beg the question of how effective the recommendations were. The paper will also address the issue of the possible recurrence of segregation in the education sector and the stands of the major players in the society and the political arenas on the possibility.
As the paper postulated earlier, there are chances that the recommendations that arose after the determination of the case between Brown v. Board of Education did not work well. The recommendations sought to eradicate the whole issue of discrimination that was evident in the early 20th century (Case 205). Various research conducted in the area have indicated that the people are leaning more towards the trend that was evident in the 1960. The schools have a majority of the students being the minority races and a few students are well. This means that the entire issue of the desegregation of the public schools did not work or at least the government was not sincere in the claim that it was working on the desegregation of the school. The issue of the segregation seems like it is alive in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brown V. Board of Education and How It Effects Racial Issues Today in Essay.
“Brown V. Board of Education and How It Effects Racial Issues Today in Essay”, n.d.
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