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The project of development is a title that expresses the international strategy of all countries around the world to develop and grow in the socio-economically. The writer of this paper investigates its impact on the modernization process and technology development throughout the history…
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The Emergence of the Project of Development
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Download file to see previous pages Scientific aspects of modernization emerged during the cold war, and applied in the decolonization period to change the world economy. Escobar (25) points out that technology emerged during the colonial period and during the world war. In the time of World War II, countries such as Germany engaged in reinvention of technology to support their armies during the time of war. The colonial government introduced technology in agriculture and this led to the change in agricultural style during the period of decolonization.
In the advent of technology, colonized countries modeled their agricultural style, which formed a critical part of the project of global development. With improved productivity in agriculture, many continents including Africa and Asia developed and improved their economic independence. Briefly, the decolonization and post war period formed a critical step towards project development. However, a more interesting twist of events culminating to project development was the specialization brought about by modernization. Technological advancement led to specialization in many facets of production. For instance, food processing industries focused on processing and hence able to develop at a higher rate. Likewise, all other facets were able to develop faster.
In many countries, the post-colonial period became a period of political development and consequential socio-economic changes. Indeed, during the decolonization period, countries such as South Africa became conscious of identity politics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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