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The following essay "Cuba Revolutionary Projections" is focused on the article called "Cuba Revolutionary Projections" that highlights the growth and development process of the cultural identity of Cuba through the powerful use of cultural artifacts like cinema…
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Cuba Revolutionary Projections
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The decade was distinct in its socio-political transformation that had witnessed changing social structure of Cuba along with changing international alliances with withdrawal of American influences, including Hollywood films and emergence of socialistic culture and its coalition with Soviet Union etc. Consequently, films became the major platform to showcase transforming picture Cuba and an important way to influence the taste and preferences of people of Cuba who had become addicted to Hollywood films.
ICAIC had contributed to the creative evolution of Cuban cinema despite its limited resources. It had not only helped make permanent record of the Cuban revolution but also encouraged Cuban artists and filmmakers to experiment and exploit media. In 1962, Mobile cinema had reached communities who had previously no access to films and their undiluted enthusiasm was captured in Octavio Cortazar’s short film, Por Primera vez. Eminent filmmakers had made their mark in the decade with highly creative films that had showcased the theme of revolution in bourgeois setting. Thus, films like Death of a Bureaucrat (Garcia Espinoza), Memories of the Underdevelopent, 1968 (Tomas Gutierrez Alea), Lucla (Humberto Solaz), The First machete Charge (Octavio Gomez), NOW, Hanoi Tuesday 13th, Seventy Nine Springs etc. by Santiago Alvarez etc. had brought Cuban films into the center stage of International film arena. (words: 292) Read More
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Cuba Revolutionary Projections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 303 Words.
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