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The document marked a transition from the nation’s submission to British colonial rule to self-governance of the states. One of the reasons for considering the declaration as a…
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Hisory Assignment
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History assignment Declaration of independence is one of the main phenomena in the history of the United s. The document marked a transition from the nation’s submission to British colonial rule to self-governance of the states. One of the reasons for considering the declaration as a radical document is the political transition that it implied. The states had previously been governed under aristocratic authority of the queen of England and declaring independence meant a change to self-governance by Americans. In addition to the change that the document would initiate, the idea of secession was itself radical to imply the state on the final document. Political significance of the declaration’s provisions also identifies its radical scope. In addition to calling for independence, the declaration established people’s unalienable rights and the power of the people to overthrow the government, a political authority that the aristocratic British rule did not recognize (The Charter of Freedom 1).
Jefferson and his colleagues wrote this document to mark a formal rebellion against the British rule and to establish self-governance for the states. Taking the document literally, it would mean that some human rights are supreme and above authority of anybody over people and people should demand for such rights. The literal context of the declaration also means that people have the authority to control their rulers and can change leaderships that do not honour people’s rights. The Capital Hill march (Ernst 1) and the planned strike by fast food workers in the United States in December are examples that demonstrate the literal meaning of the declaration (Gabbatt 1). The protests sought to establish rights that people thought they were entitled to but authorities refused to grant to the people. The Capital Hill March involved display of people’s demanded rights on placards.
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