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Many leaders in United States of America have given their perception and expression that the United States of America and Israel have a special relation that must continue for the years to come. On this basis, Israel, and America have a common enemy, and common friends. The…
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Support for Israel is Good for the United States
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Many leaders in United s of America have given their perception and expression that the UnitedStates of America and Israel have a special relation that must continue for the years to come. On this basis, Israel, and America have a common enemy, and common friends. The perception amongst senior American leaders is that the support and aid given to Israel, is necessary and well spent (Freedman, 2012). In the recent years, American financial support to Israel has always stood at $ 3,000,000,000 per any given year (Blum, 2013). However, there are a number of critics who argue that financial support and aid to Israel is unnecessary.
The main reason for arguing against American support to Israel is an exaggerated claim that Israel is playing a role in bankrupting United States. On this basis, the large amount of money, given to Israel is unnecessary. Others argue that the financial aid given to Israel plays a great role in encouraging the anti-American sentiments amongst the Muslims, and facilitating the growth of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
This is because the Israelis are using the money given to them for purposes of buying weapons. They use these weapons to kill Palestinians and their enemies, and this fuels religious conflicts in the Middle-East. In regard to anti-American sentiment, enemies of United States inaccurately use this aid to Israel to form a basis of attacking the interests of United States (Freedman, 2012). These attacks can be manifested through terrorism attacks on American and Israel interest on the various parts of the world. However, the American support of Israel is of great importance to the American economic, and physical security, and that of Israel. One of the reasons as to why the American government should support Israel is that it is a democracy. As democratic countries, Israel and the United States share a number of strategic interests, political and civil values (Blum, 2013).
There is also a political, cultural and personal bond that occurs between the Israeli and the American people, based on their democratic values. On this basis, Israel is an important American ally in the Middle east, one in which the American people can depend on for military and economic support (Freedman, 2012). In fact, the American military has unlimited access to the Port of Haifa, which is one of the best ports in the world. As an American military ally, Israel collects intelligence information, which it shares with the American military (Blum, 2013). For example, between 1974, to 1990, Israel received a military grant of more than & 18 billion, and in return, Israel managed to collect and give intelligence information worth about 50 billion dollars.
This information touched on the soviet weapon system, and the various interests that the American government wanted to pursue. The financial aid given to Israel is also taken back to the American economy, in a concept referred to as financial reciprocity (Freedman, 2012). This is because the money that Israel receives from America is used to purchase American military equipments, and facilities. On this basis, Israel supports the American companies, and it is an indirect American subsidy to these companies.
In conclusion, American support to Israel is beneficial to both the Israelis and the Americans. Israel is an important American ally, both economically, and in a military manner. Supporting Israel, will also mean supporting the various interests of America. Failing to support Israel, would mean losing a very powerful ally, who can be of great benefit to the American government and people.
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