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Regional Impact of the Arab Defeat in 1967 War - Essay Example

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Emergence of Israel as a state in the Post Second World War scenario changed the overall outlook of the Middle East. Israel the lone Jewish state in the region, found little hospitality and acceptance from the mostly Muslim states around…
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Regional Impact of the Arab Defeat in 1967 War
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Regional Impact of the Arab Defeat in 1967 War

Download file to see previous pages... As a result multiple wars have been fought till date. These wars are not limited to one particular neighbor, rather all the major regional states have had a share of conflict and war with Israel. The 1967 Arab Israel war was part of the same hostile environment between the regional states who did not accept one another’s dominance. Keywords: Jewish settlements, 1973 war, diplomatic breakthrough, liberation movements. 1967 Arab Israel War: The war that fought over a period of Six days (Morgan, 2008, 195) was significant on multiple accounts. It had an impact on the contemporary political affairs as well as the future of Middle East. It was based on the animosity and hostility towards one another that had been in breeding for long. The major players of this war were Israel on one end, Egypt, Jordan and Syria as the Arab states on other (Robbers, 2006, 466). It not only allowed determination of power control in that phase of history, but also led to future determinations, wars, settlements, and political strength and say of each state against other in the continuous battle of supremacy in the region. Brief background of the war: There were number of events that led to the war, and it was not an event based on the immediate military offensive against one another rather the scope and reasons behind the war stretched to political, social, and territorial. Several years before the 1967 war, small battles and confrontations had taken place, this along with the establishment of the guerilla styled armed groups who were to launch undeclared offensives against Israel in different ways. In the same capacity the outcome of the war was not just accomplishment of edge over the enemy in one domain rather multiple faceted impact based outcome. Participant states: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria constituted the major players of the war. Causes of the war: The causes of the war stretched from short term to long term hostilities and numerous political maneuvers against one another. Apart from the periodic territorial aggrandizements as alleged by different parities, the core point of content held against each other was that of 1948 settlements and establishment of the Jewish state. No Arab states had recognized Israel as a legitimate state and as a result of it did not engage itself in any political or diplomatic activity. In the preceding years after the 1948 settlements, the issues rose on individual and bilateral level between each state, with issues arising between Israel and Egypt first, followed by Israel and Jordan and the continuous issues with Palestine and other neighbors. The issue of Waterways usage: Israel and Egypt were locked into dispute over the control and dominance over the waterways, being paralleled in to territories and waterways connecting them, the two aimed to use the water sources to maximum benefit. Israel and Egypt were engaged in an accord in 1949 over the case of Suez Canal and other adjoining areas (Kohn, 2006, 29), through this agreement a mid way retreat was established, however over period of time, both parties blamed one another for the violations and disruption of the agreements settled in the 50s and 60s decade. The occurrence of the war took place at a time period when United Nations monitoring units would complete the mission. Alleged cross border infiltration and usage of the friendly states against Israel was a point of concern as well that can be termed as a precipitating factor of the 1967 war. This included the infiltration of Palestinians and other undercover groups into Jordan and Syria where its border areas were allegedly used against Israel for various offensives. Despite being a multiple force and multiple armies, Arab states were of no match against the Israel forces ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab-Israeli War of 1948
The Arab-Israel war was the first in a sequence of wars fought between the Jewish state and the Arab states since 1947. Avi (1998) observes that the Israelites refer to it as the war of independence. Avi further states that on November 29 1947, immediately after the United Nations announced its approval of a partition plan to resolve the Jewish-Arab conflicts, an uproar of violence escalated in the Middle East.
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He used that term in the context of how world at that time was under the threat of nuclear warfare, and so how there may be “peace that is no peace”, calling it the permanent “cold war”. In the same context, he directly referred to that Cold War as a kind of ideological conflict that was happening between the Soviet Union and other Western countries.
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Arab-Israeli war
The conflict is land based issue where the Arabs are of the idea that the land is their belonging and the Jewish community recognizes it as Israel and believes that it is their land. During the period of 135 AD, Jews were pushed out of their land located in the region of Palestine (Rea 4).
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1967 war is it a defeat or a victory to the Arabs
1967 war: cause of conflict between Arab and Israel The six-day war of 1967 was fought between Israel and the Arab states comprising of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Egypt, Jordan and Syria comprised the United Arab Republic. The war between Arab and the Israel in 1967 was the third war between Israel and the Arab states.
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War as a Strategic Tool of Policy - To what extent did the outcome of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war serve the political objectives o
As a result of the animosity that is persistently found amongst them; number of wars have been fought throughout their short lived history of fifty years. 1948 war, 1967’s affair were two similar accounts and events based on the same feeling of hatred. 1973 affair was one similar conflict yet far greater in magnitude.
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War as a Strategic Tool of Policy - To what extent did the outcome of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war serve the political objectives o
A political strategic objective can be definite or indefinite. The objectives should however be militarily attainable. Vego points out that a “political strategic objective should be articulated clearly, concisely and unambiguously.”2 Despite the fact that this usually seems as a fairly easy task for those tasked with making decisions, most often political objectives are poorly articulated and defined and also ambiguous, which makes it quite difficult to develop appropriate military strategic objectives.
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German Defeat in the First World War
This supposedly led to Germany's declaration of war against Russia1. Germany's eagerness to go to war was due to a superiority complex that gave her much confidence that the war against France and Russia could be won in a very short span of time (Boyle, F.A.
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The Importance of the 1967 War
The June 1967 War was a watershed event in the history of Israel and the Middle East. After only six days of fighting, Israel had radically altered the political map of the region. By June 13, Israeli forces had captured the Golan Heights from Syria, Sinai and the Gaza Strip from Egypt, and all of Jerusalem and the West Bank from JordanThe 1967 War also laid the foundation for future discord in the region - as on November the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 242 the "land for peace formula, which called for Israeli withdrawal "from territories occupied" in 1967 in return for "the termination of all claims or states of belligerency."1
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Why have there been so many wars in the Middle-East since 1945
The circumstances also contribute towards internal and external conflicts where ethnic and religious tensions hold a significant impact resulting in the rivalries. Superpowers have also taken unnecessary advantage of this region political vulnerability and have used them
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