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Napoleon as an Irreplaceable Leader in French History - Case Study Example

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The paper describes Napoleon as a French general who becomes the leader of France and eventually emperor of the French. At a younger age, he attends a military school and later graduated as a lieutenant in the artillery. He is a witty individual who sees France through the French revolution…
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Napoleon as an Irreplaceable Leader in French History
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Extract of sample "Napoleon as an Irreplaceable Leader in French History"

Napoleon Bonaparte Task Napoleon is a French general who becomes the leader of France and eventually emperor of the French. At ayounger age, he attends a military school and later graduates as a lieutenant in the artillery. He is a witty individual who sees France through the French revolution and before which, fights different battles for his country. His love for his country and the passion to secure his people sees him detained for two weeks, before taking leadership positions in the French army. Napoleon works his ways through power and seeks favor not only among the majority French community but also among other nations. Despite being a leader in the military, artistic works portray him appreciating himself for the glory he gives to France (Dwyer, 2004). In addition, Napoleon’s passion for his work and country comes out in the letters and utterances he makes to his brothers and soldiers.
Napoleon has affection towards his friends and family. Despite the distances between them, he keeps writing to his elder brother Joseph. On June 29th 1795, he writes to his elder brother concerning his travel to a far place. Napoleon wishes to have the memory of his brother whom he refers to as a dear friend, thus he requests for his portrait. Though they are of age and free to achieve different goals in life, Napoleon does not wish that his brother depart. This makes him sad as he fears that it would be long before he sees his brother. Almost a month letter; Napoleon writes to Joseph again, informing him about a job he receives as a general of the army in the west. However, he is unhappy because Joseph is prudent and laconic. Though he is free to make his decisions, Napoleon shows interest in having his brother give him direction concerning the job offer (Headley, 1858).
Napoleon seeks to expand France after losing a battle for America. He thus sells Louisiana to the American government and moves to conquer more land in Europe. Napoleon’s determination to make France the world’s most powerful nation is clear, as he shows no fear of the third coalition. This coalition comprised of Britain, Russia, Austria and Sweden whom he defeats with help from Rhine, Italy and Holland. Napoleon expresses his happiness for his soldiers; he congratulates them for winning the battle against Austria and again doing the same to Britain. He is proud of his country and wishes to forge good relations between France and other countries. Thus, he says that France will be proud to have her partners help fight war another time (The French Revolution and Napoleon, n.d)
In addition, Napoleon not only looks into increasing the territory of France, but also ensuring that the country’s economy remains stable. He does not give England a chance to have control over France’s territories, thus he writes to the minister of foreign affairs. On 6th January 1810, he complains of his affaires not progressing and states that his investments in Holland are not advancing. This shows a man determined in economic progress, just as he is in the battle field. As much as he wins battles and gains more territories for his country, Napoleon is a generous giver as he allows his younger brother Jerome to take money that remains from his dispositions (Bonaparte, 2010)
Moreover, Napoleon fights hard for his nation. He believes in France despite being an Italian, this he shows in his quotes which not only inspire other people but are his deeds. Napoleon believes that a soldier must fight hard and long for a bit of a colored ribbon. For sure his journey though the French revolution is not easy. As much as he wins many battles, Napoleon’s losses do not discourage his efforts. He seeks every opportunity possible and makes use of it through his army (Keudell, 2012).
In conclusion, the world celebrates napoleon for his efforts to secure territories as well as glory for France. His passion for family and himself equally extends to his colleagues and employees whom he appreciates. He is a graceful giver thus his determination to give France the best of his efforts from a younger age. He for sure is an irreplaceable leader in the French history.
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Keudell, F. (2012).The Internet: the book of revelations volume 3.
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SHORT PRIMARY SOURCE ESSAY Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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