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The people were subjected to live in miserable conditions in land owned by the feudal lords. However, by 1789the discontent exploded into a revolt and drew attention…
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Its all provided in the instructions
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The French Revolution The French Revolution took place as a result of disagreement between the feudal government and the commoners. The people were subjected to live in miserable conditions in land owned by the feudal lords. However, by 1789the discontent exploded into a revolt and drew attention from all parts of the world. Between 1789 and 1815, the French was merely fighting. After the overthrow of Luis XVI IN 1789, a new constitutional monarch was established, but it did not address the expectation of the bourgeoisie. They wanted a system of government that respected the political rights of the middle class and which reflected people’s wealth and education. Therefore, by 1815 the revolution was not a success, but an ongoing struggle.
Rousseau advocated for pure democracy as was practiced in Greek in the ancient period. The idea of democracy enlightened the French people after the effect of American struggle for independence. In 1792 groups of bourgeoisie called the Jacobins agitated for an establishment of a republic and thus abolish a monarchy. They did this by campaigning against the constitutionalists, monarchists and moderates. In this year, 1792, France threatened Austria with war and regarded all government as an enemy of the monarchy because it was threatened and feared the support of the bourgeoisie by external government to instigate another revolt. However, in early 1793, the monarch was overthrow and executed by the French Republic was established (Beeler et al., 2011)
In February 1793, the French Republic was engaging in war with most of the countries in Europe. The Edict of Fraternity advocated for all the people of Europe to be in opposition to their leaders of all sphere including spiritual and secular rulers. The French Republic promised to support such liberation because they believed to have found a solution to political, economic and social problems. They believed in practicing equality, liberty and fraternity (Beeler et al., 2011). Therefore, the new Republican leadership foregone reforming France and benefit its people to spread the ideas of republicanism. They also feared on how to conduct domestic reform, which was desperately, needed in the country.
By 1799, Europe was in constant fighting one revolution war to another. It was regarded as the fight between the French and the rest of Europe because the ideas of social equality, democracy and nationalism had root in the French Republic. On November, Napoleon captured power and he declared himself the emperor. He was later crowned as the Emperor and ruled France until 1815. Under his leadership, he exercised absolute authority with the quest to establish an empire (McKay et al., 2012).
The British rulers during the period between 1804 and 1815 disputed France as an ‘imperial giant.’ They forgot to build the nation because they feared the expansion of the French empire into their territory. However, during this time the British citizens were loyal and patriotic to their country regardless of nonperforming leadership. In 1815, the Allies defeated the French empire in the Battle of Waterloo and gave the French people what they envisioned in 1789. A constitutional monarchy was established, and Bourbons took over power represented by Louis XVIII.
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